Gymnastics Classes

Future Gymnastics offers a wide range of gymnastics classes starting from 3 years old. We love to welcome beginners of any age as well as more experienced and advanced gymnasts. It is never too late to start!
Future Gymnastics Philosophy
We believe children join a club to make friends, achieve their potentials, have fun and learn! For us it is very important that children enjoy the sport of gymnastics. We very much operate in a positive and encouraging environment. There is very little pressure at our gymnastics club and gymnasts happiness is paramount. 
Annual events
We run a huge Christmas Festival yearly which is such a wonderful celebration of gymnastics. Your child will be able to perform with their friends in a theatre and as a spectator you will see a wide range of gymnasts from our club, young and old, foundation to pro. 
In the Spring term we run an annual club competition whereby gymnasts from Future Gymnastics are able to take part in a friendly competition in a relaxed environment. Gymnasts from our club are able to showcase their skills against children the same age and ability, where they will learn about positive competition as well as winning and losing.
Summer term is where children will work on their Gem Cards (Future gymnastics own badge achievement scheme). Weekly they will be able to check off different skills they have achieved and once completed their gem card you are able to buy a gem badge to go with their certificate and they can then move up to the next level.
Our classes


These classes are designed for children of all ages that are brand new to gymnastics, or struggling with some of the basic moves. We will go through everything from the very beginning teaching them the correct techniques to ensure they are ready to move up into the developments.



If your child has been involved in gymnastics for a little while but is still struggling with some of the harder moves this may be the best class for them. These classes are designed for those gymnasts who have a basic knowledge of gymnastics and are keen to learn more.  



These classes are available for children aged 6+ who have either been involved in the sport for a longer time or have the natural talent to pick up gymnastics very easily. The level of these classes will be advanced and the children should have very good knowledge of gymnastics and perform development moves with ease

Boys Groups


Something we still don't understand about gymnastics is why it is so female orientated!  We offer boys only groups to help more boys get involved in the sport without feeling like they are surrounded by girls. 

We have boys equipment available at a recreational level and also offer occasional freestyle classes.