Get clean with us!

We believe that “diets” don’t work, it’s not just about having a healthy diet but having a healthy lifestyle. Making lifestyle changes from a young age will ensure that our children develop into strong, mature and healthy adults. 
Here at Future Gym we are very keen to educate our students and families. Please ask for one of our nutrition programmes or our in house nutritionist for some advice, or take a few of these key steps on board to start making the most of a healthy and happy lifestyle!
1. Drink plenty of water

Cut out the fizzy and sugary drinks.  Here is a calculator which will enable you to work out your daily recommended amount

4. Cut down on the sugar

There is no doubt about it, sugar tastes AMAZING, but it does absolutely nothing nutritionally for us. It makes us want more and more and ultimately has a very negative effect on the body. If you can cut it out for long enough the cravings will go away.

2. Get moving!

Whether you like to go to the gym, go for a run or work out from home. Put the Ipads and phones down, and get moving with the kids! Playing outside or walking to the park with the dogs is an excellent way to keep fit.  

5. Eat a variety of fruits and veggies

You can have as many vegetables as you like every day, they have many nutrients and vitamins and are low in calories, yet they can make you feel full! Try to eat as wide a variety as possible to take advantage of the different minerals and nutrients. 

3. Eat Fresh

The best way to think of it is - if it comes in its natural form it's good to eat. If you are eating something processed or out of a packet, with prolonged shelf lifes - there is no doubt ingredients that we cannot pronounce have been added!  Steer clear and try to eat as naturally as possible.

6. Listen to your body

Listen to your body. So many of us do not take the time to tune in to what our body is actually telling us. Instead we open the fridge and reach for the first thing we see. 

Listen to what signals your body is telling you: when it is full, when you need water, if you require savoury as opposed to sweet etc. Once you do this your body will start to love you!

Future Gym's Scott Humphries – level 3 qualified personal trainer and nutritionist's opinion is - consistency and practicality are the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you make it too complicated are you really going to stick with it? Choose an idea that you and your family can do for the foreseeable future instead of over the next 2 months and then forgetting because it was too difficult. Staying consistent means that slipping off the band wagon for 1 day isn’t the end of the world.  If you stay 99% consistent that 1% slip off the wagon isn't going to be the end of the world!


Remember to listen to your body and what it’s telling you, it will let you know if something is right or wrong!!