Baby Reive Guessing Game!

You may or may not know that Kayley and Jamie are expecting their first baby!

We thought of a fun game for all Future Gymnastics Members to play, in light of the situation and staying home which means baby showers have been cancelled and no time with family, so we wanted all of our gymnasts advice and to remind us that you are all safe and well. 

The Game

The game is simple, you must guess first of all, whether you think it will be a girl or a boy, second the date the baby will arrive, and third - the weight of the baby.  

Clue - the baby is due in June!


The Rules

1. Each gymnast is allowed 1 guess each. (Unless you have been contacted specifically because you joined in every day of the Easter Challenges set by FG, in which case you are allowed 2 guesses! Well done for joining in!)

2. The form must be completed by gymnasts only. Not parents!

3. Only gymnasts who attend at our training centres are permitted to take part. If you attend Oaks Park or Bandon Hill Woodfield evening / weekend classes and pay your annual membership. 

4. Your vote will only be accepted if you have an active monthly direct debit with FG.

5. If you answer the questions and you are not a member your answers will be void. 

The Prize

**A years worth of gymnastics classes!**

If you correctly identify all 3 of the questions you will receive 1 free lesson in the training centre per week for a whole year. This is for 1 class only and for 1 gymnast only. This does not include any camps, competitions or school lessons run by FG. 

If there is more than 1 winner we will have a deciding question as we unfortunately can not give away more than 1 of these prizes.

If there are no winners it will be the closest person.