When a gymnast has a space within any of our gymnastics classes at our training centres they will then have a space with us until they grow old and grey! 
We do not operate termly, meaning you will not keep your space for an allotted amount of weeks and then have to remember cut off dates or have bulky payments to make every term. 
Instead we collect all payments via paperless direct debit using our payment provider Go Cardless. We believe direct debits will save you time, hassle and make activities more manageable. We know how busy life can be, especially when you have more than 1 child's activities to pay for!
Once you shave set up a payment with Go Cardless you'll have nothing more to worry about for the whole time your child participates in our gymnastics classes. We will automatically process monthly payments and you will be notified for each transaction before it is made. 
Payments made by Direct Debit are also fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, making it the UK's safest payment method. 
You will be given a copy of our annual dates upon taking a space and payment is spread over 12 months. 
For any further questions please get in touch.