To best understand the class booking system, all classes are split into the year your child was born. For example '2012-2013'

For more information which level class to book, foundation, development or pro, please refer to the 'training centre classes' page which gives a breakdown of each of the classes.

The price shown is the monthly cost based on 48 weeks per year, and spread over 12 months. 

Your first payment will be after your childs first lesson. It will reflect the classes remaining in the current month as well as the next month. For example if your child starts mid June, your first payment will cover the last couple of weeks in June as well as the month of July. 

Trial sessions

You must book and take a space in any class to get a trial session. This is how we can manage the numbers in the classes, and we also require mandatory information before any child does a classes such as if we have your permission to administer first aid, or if there are any medical details we need to be aware of. 

If your child attends their first class and they enjoy it, your first payment will include this class. However if your child attends their first class and does not enjoy it, you must let us know within 24 hours so we can cancel your pre-authorisation and cancel your first payment which will be set up for a few days after the first lesson (in most cases).

Coombe Wood School


This gymnasium boasts foam pits which are an excellent training aid when gymnasts are learning new skills as it reduces the fear factor. 

With full sized olympic equipment including bars, vaults, beams, floor areas and more. 

Bandon Hill Woodfield


This gymnasium has a vast array of equipment on offer for gymnasts of all abilities. From mini gym for the very young gymnasts to full olympic sized beams, tumble tracks, fast tracks, vaults, bars and more.