This costume is for the gymnasts in the following shows:

BH Thursday 5.00-5.45pm - SHOW 1
CW Tuesday 5.20-6.20pm - SHOW 4
CW Saturday 8.40-9.40am - SHOW 5
BH Saturday 11.00-12.00pm - SHOW 6


For Girls:

A tight white vest top or white leotard

A yellow tutu (If wearing a vest top please wear white shorts underneath the tutu so we don’t have any knickers on show!

Yellow hair accessories (could be a bow, scrunchie or glitter etc.


Hair: 2 x high bunchies with plaits (if hair is long enough for plaits, if not just 2 high bunchies)

Make Up: Pink lipstick, and any other make up is optional but they’re welcome to wear it if they want to feel extra special on the day :)


For Boys:

A plain white t-shirt

Yellow Shorts




These links are just examples. If you search on amazon / ebay / any other websites you will likely find the exact same costume from plenty of other sellers.

We have attached some photos for reference.

Please note some of the costumes may come from China, so it is best to order as soon as possible as they can take around 2-3 weeks to arrive.


If your child is in more than 1 class per week, please be patient and wait for the next costume email. We can not do the entire gym's costumes in one day but we are working very hard to get all costumes out this week.

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