Saturday March 26 
Sunday March 27th
All shows are being held in the Millennium Centre within the grounds of Woldinham High School CR37LR
Tickets are available via TicketSource here

We are so very excited (and hopeful that there’s no lockdowns or disruptions) that we have finalised the Christmas Festival days and times.


The Christmas Festival is our biggest event of the year, and we like all gymnasts to be involved no matter if you’ve only just started or been with us for many years.


It is a time we celebrate how far the gymnasts have come, their talent, hard work, and especially after the years they have recently had - their dedication and strength.


Christmas Festival is not a competition, just a chance to allow each gymnast to feel special performing on a stage for their family and friends within their gymnastics group, a chance which many children don’t get very often. Although we do celebrate gymnast of the year and other fun things along the way. We find this is everyone’s favourite event as the gymnasts feel much less pressure than competing solo.






Woldingham School Millennium Theatre. Please use postcode CR3 7LR for SatNav otherwise you may end up in the wrong entrance.



Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th March 2022


Which show?

Please see your emails specifically sent to you for which show your gymnast is in.


Who for?

Absolutely anyone who is part of Future Gymnastics


Do the gymnasts pay for the event?

No. Gymnasts do not need to pay


Do parents pay to spectate?

Yes tickets will be available via our online booking system ticketsource. You can search for Future Gymnastics on their website and all of our shows will pop up.


How much are tickets?

£10.00 per ticket (for anyone who wishes to have their own seat.

£5.00 for any Future Gymnastics members who will be watching a show. (This is for if you’d like to attend an additional show and let your child watch the talent from the other side or if you have siblings who are in separate shows)


COVID procedures?

The theatre itself is a very large area with high ceilings and individual seats. We want to allow families to come and watch performances feeling as comfortable as possible during these times. We do understand the vast spectrum of opinions re covid. Some people are happy not to wear a face covering, some people still like to social distance and everything in between.

We have made the decision to allow all stalls seats to be booked, therefore meaning you may be sitting next to someone much like in the normal theatre, on a place etc these days.

The upper balcony we have restricted a number of seats to allow any vulnerable or concerned guests to book these seats with a social distance. We request that anyone in the upper balcony please wear a face covering. Anywhere you sit in the theatre has excellent viewing.


What if the show is cancelled due to COVID?

If the show is cancelled you are eligible for a full refund including the booking fee. We will look to postpone to a later date to allow the gymnasts to still have the chance to perform and will cross this bridge when it comes to it!


What is the theme this year?

Through the Era’s! Expect lots of songs from yours, and maybe even grandparents youths! (often the kids have never heard of the songs but they are crowd pleasers and fan favourites and will be sure to get you up on your feet!)


Are tickets limited?

No you can purchase as many tickets as you would like to. They are on a first come first served basis - much like booking theatre tickets for the west end.


Do you have disabled access?

Yes of course and these seats are shown on the ticket system


How long are the shows?

The shows usually last no longer than 45 minutes - 1 hour.


My gymnast is in more than 1 show, do I need to wait around?

No, you’re welcome to drop off at the arrival time for the first show and collect after the last show finishes. Please send them with a pack lunch box full of snacks and drinks to keep them going). You can choose which show to watch or you might want to watch both.


Why are gymnasts in more than 1 show?

Our gymnastics club is heavily based on foundation gymnastics - having fun and children enjoying the sport. However we do have a number of Pro groups where the gymnasts are highly achieving as well as our older gymnasts too so we feel it only right that we showcase these gymnasts across more than 1 show to give you a variety of talent to watch.


What about costumes?

A costume slip will be handed out or emailed out shortly. It will be your responsibility to get the correct outfit for your gymnast


Will they do a dress rehearsal?

Yes the week leading up to the Christmas shows will be dress rehearsal week. (Email will remind you of this closer to the time)


What if my gymnast can’t make / doesn’t want to do the show?

We will allocate a class each night for gymnasts who are not participating. Your child can still attend on their regular evening / weekend day but the time may be slightly altered.

There is a form to fill in on our website here... please let us know no later than 21st October if your gymnast is not participating so we can ensure the rest of the group are prepared.


I think my child will be too shy to perform

This will be Future Gymnastics 5th Christmas Festival. Believe us we have dealt with all kinds of stage freight, nerves, and panic attacks. Our coaches are very skilled at calming and helping the children overcome these worries. In other years - our coaches have ended up joining in the shows too to help these children (which often turns into a comedy act!)

We would advise not to over complicate or over talk with them (especially everything that could go wrong, always focus on how special and amazing they’ll feel and how proud you already are of them and they can continue to learn the routines but please let us know so we can also practise a routine without them should the worst happen so the other gymnasts are prepared too.)


My child is so young - who will look after them before it’s their turn?

We have plenty of staff, and helpers. Especially with the younger children we have a much higher ratio of gymnast:helpers on the day and will keep them entertained with activities like group games and colouring.