Christmas Festival 2019

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th December 2019
All shows are being held in the Millennium Centre within the grounds of Woldinham High School CR37LR
Tickets will be available shortly at reception desks at both Oaks Park (Stanley Park) and Bandon Hill Woodfiled
My Children are in 2 different shows, what do I do!?
We have tried our very hardest to make sure siblings are in the same shows or the same days. Unfortunately with the volume of gymnasts we have, this is an impossible task. You are welcome to purchase a ticket for the sibling who is not in the show to watch the other one and vice versa. The shows are very entertaining and as gymnasts who are in the show do not get the opportunity to watch, it is a great chance for your gymnast to watch and be inspired.
When can I buy tickets for the shows?
Tickets will be available shortly, please just keep an eye out at the reception desks at either venue
Can my gymnast watch any shows if they want to?
We get asked this question every year and due to our previous venue we had to limit tickets per gymnast taking part. This year we have added a compete separate show on the Saturday evening which is specifically for the gymnasts. The performance group within FG who are going to Disney will perform on the Saturday evening. This is a great chance for you to take your gymnast out for the night and for them to be able to watch a show and see some fantastic gymnastics and feel the magic! During each gymnasts show that they are taking part in they will be backstage and unable to watch the show.
Are there a limit on how many tickets we can buy?
No, now we have moved venues to the larger theatre there is no limit on how many tickets you can buy. Once they're gone, they're gone!
What does my child need to wear?
Costume slips will go out shortly after October Half term. We like to get started for a few weeks with the routines to work out which gymnasts will take which role in the routines and this will make a difference what costume they'll be required to wear.
Do I need to buy their costume?
Yes, we give you an idea of what the costume should look like with pictures and often a link for sites such as amazon / eBay. All costumes we try to keep under £10.00.
Can we still watch in the gyms whilst you practise?
No. From October half term to the Christmas shows we operate a no watching policy. This is for the primary reason that the gymnasts like to keep it a big surprise for their parents and families for the show days. They also tend to get a little embarassed when people are watching them practise and we have found we get maximum concentration when parents are not watching. Apart from this 5 weeks of the year, we allow watching every week.
What do I do if my child can not take part in the shows?
Please fill in the above Showcase Opt Out form by October 15th so we know not to include them in the show practise. If you do not fill in the above form we will not be able to keep track of who can / cant participate. You do not need to do anything if your child can take part. 
Should we still stay during the practise period?
You are welcome to stay for the duration of your gymnasts lesson outside the gymnasium. It is not mandatory. We will take the gymnasts out to you for dismissal at the end of their lessons.
My gymnast is not participating in the shows. What happens to their lessons?
Once we have received confirmation of the amount of children each night who are not taking part in the shows, we will slightly adapt their training time for example, 5.00 - 6.00pm and 6.00 - 7.00pm. All younger gymnasts who are not able to take part in the shows will be asked to come in for a lesson 5.00 - 6.00pm and older gymnasts in the later sessions. This then allows us to have the correct number of coaches present and to allow your child to have a normal lesson still around the equipment. We still ask that you respect the rule of no watching for this period even if your child can not take part. The only reason for this is due to the other gymnasts in the gym, some are very young and would really like their parents to be watching them if other mummies and daddies are allowed in and they don't understand why some are allowed in and others not.
What time shall I drop off my gymnast for the shows?
There is a drop off time and show start time on the schedule. You are also able to stay from the time of drop off, there is a bar area serving festive drinks / snacks whilst you wait to be seated in the Theatre.
What if my gymnast is in more than 1 show?
You are welcome to drop off and leave the gymnast with us for the duration of the day and collect them at the final show finish time. Please send them in with a snack and drink so they can have some time to relax in-between shows. We will have a register of every child who is staying and they will have a designated room in the venue they can spend their time in together.
Are there Drinks & refreshments on site?
Yes there is a fully functioning bar area which will be open from the moment you drop your gymnast off. We do not have an interval in the shows.
Can we take photos / videos of the shows?
Yes you are welcome to take photos of your gymnast during their performance although we encourage you to be in the moment and just enjoy the show. a full DVD will be available after the shows with full performances on.
Where can I find out the list of shows and which show my gymnast in in?
We prefer not to post on our public website the list of childrens full names and classes due to privacy reasons. You can find the full list of shows and which ones your child is in at both of our gymnasiums  and on our facebook closed page which is for members only. The facebook page is excellent for communication. To be accepted in the page you MUST answer the security questions so that we know we only have genuine FG members.  You'll be able to ask questions to other parents about costumes, show times etc
facebook page is called 'Future Gymnastics Community News'