Who are we?


Our mission is to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable environment where children can develop self-confidence, enhance their physical abilities and gain skills that will help them to experience personal achievement.  Gymnastics builds strength and improves motor skills, flexibility and co-ordination as well as provides a platform for many future sporting activities. 


Our vision is to become the leading Gymnastics Centre offering coaching facilities which are second to none. Through nurturing and encouragement we hope to have the highest number of children who will go on to be future ambassadors of the sport. We see ourselves  as going above and beyond what ‘normal’ gymnastics clubs do with regards to our fun factor within gymnastics and our excellent customer service. 



We go the extra mile and passion is at the heart of our gymnastics club.


Our consistency of actions are honest and truthful to our inner values.


All of our customers, whether they are internal or external, trust us to deliver quality every time. We value this trust and are committed to retaining it.


Everyone will not only benefit from participating in gymnastics and recreational activities with us but will also have fun doing it.